Five things you can do with a gourmet marshmallow

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1. Toast Your Marshmallows


Let’s face it, one of the greatest things you can do with your marshmallows is toast them. We have worked hard to make sure our gourmet marshmallows have the fluff factor so that when you roast them over the fire they swell, melt and brown nicely. What you end up with is a marshmallow that crisps up on the outside and goes gooey and lush on the inside – not dissimilar to store-bought ones but about a million times better.

Try vanilla chocolate chip, double chocolate chunk or burnt caramel for toasting.

2. Instead of a Biscuit with your Coffee have a Marshmallow


So you’ve just served the perfect meal and your friends are really impressed with your cooking but you need something to finish off the night. Coffee works fabulously with our gourmet marshmallows. Create a plate of different flavours for people to try or put them in a big bowl in the centre of the table and let everyone dip in.

Perfect with coffee: After 8.30 Mint, Mango Meringue, Turkish Delight

3. Canapes at a Party


If you are throwing a big bash and what to serve your guests a little something different as they mingle then why not serve them our gourmet marshmallows. Place them in neat lines on slate serving trays and watch your guests get all gooey and excited over these little pillowy clouds of fluff.

Best Flavours: All of them! Just make sure to separate the flavours from each other

4. The Perfect Wedding Favour


Pack our marshmallows into cute little boxes and voila – the perfect wedding favour for your guests. Give them one piece (or two if you are feeling generous!) and let the enjoy them at the end of their meal. You can even have them on sticks in bags so your guests can toast them after on that spit roast you know you want to order.

Best Flavours: Gin an Tonic, Baileys, Raspberry Eton Mess, Lemon Meringue to give a little zing at the end of your reception

5. S’mores Marshmallows Anyone?


Now this little creation comes courtesy of the Americans and it is one of the few ones which we actually think are bloody brilliant. You take two homemade vanilla cookies, a square of dark chocolate and a gourmet marshmallow. Sandwich the whole lot together and toast in the oven or over and open camp fire. Enjoy the gooey, marshmallowy chocolateyness of this cracking creation.

Best Flavours: Good old fashioned vanilla, vanilla choc chip, mochaccino chunk or double choc chunk for extra richness.