Do you have a corporate event to cater for?

corporate marshmallows bar

Perhaps youʼd like to send your clients an unusual thank you to let them know you appreciate their business.

Or maybe you just want a bowl in your boardroom to make your meetings go that little bit faster.

You could even hire out our mallows bar and the lovely vintage-dressed Millar Girls to come along with a deliciously gooy selection of marshmallows and a very naughty chocolate fountain to really make your event go with a swing.

Our corporate marshmallows are perfect for all sorts of corporate events, as well as being stupidly delicious, fluffy and tasty.

Our corporate marshmallows services include:

  • Single or double piece marshmallow bags with your company logo and message. We can even colour up our marshmallows to match your logo or event.
  • Marshmallow skewers – these bad boys are great for toasting. If you’re hosting a corporate event why not make it a bit fun with corporate marshmallows lovingly wrapped in packaging featuring your logo on sticks. If it is an outdoor event why not set up a barbecue so your guests can roast their mallows on site.
  • Table arrangements of marshmallows for events – big pillowy mounds of corporate marshmallows for your guests to dip into
  • Bespoke gift boxes with your logo and flavour choices – rigid kraft gift boxes with matching ribbon and your logo or business card attached. You can choose three different flavour options for each box – classic, chocoholic or fruity. At Christmas you can also opt for our festive selection.
  • Marshmallow sculptures – your logo created entirely out of marshmallow! We can create edible logo mosaics with our marshmallows or full on sculptures. If you run a shoe company we can make an edible shoe. If it is a bus you are after that’s not problem either. We can even create bespoke flavours for your event.
  • Fully equipped marshmallow and hot chocolate stands for festivals and events

Call us now on 01273 499960 or email [email protected] with your requirements for a comprehensive quote.

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corporate marshmallows bar with the Millar Girls