Miss Millar’s Marvellous Mallows

Miss Millar’s Marvellous Mallows started pretty much by accident when a cafe challenged us to make homemade marshmallows for them. Naturally, we accepted without having a clue about what we were actually doing and set about finding a recipe to try. A couple of batches later and our homemade marshmallows had turned out pretty well.

Then we had a eureka moment – why not add flavours and textures. From then on we were hooked. We experimented a lot, we made a shed load of homemade marshmallows, we then ate our body weight in marshmallow and we plied our friends and family with the results with great success (for the business at least not for our waistlines, ahem). These pillowy clouds of fluff had become a bit of a love affair for us and Miss Millar’s Marvellous Mallows was born.

Miss Millar with a cake stand full of marshmallowsFay Millar

Fay has always had a strong interest in baking and cake decorating but originally trained as a journalist and latterly a news editor. When her first daughter was born she set up her company, Brighton Cakes, and turned her hobby into a full-time business. Brighton Cakes has gone from strength to strength, gaining a strong reputation in Sussex for show-stopping cakes. She launched Miss Millar’s Marvellous Mallows in 2013 after realising they were the perfect sweet treat to be given a modern makeover.