After 8.30 Mint Marshmallows

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After 8.30 Mint Marshmallows have got to be one of my all time favourite marshmallows. They combine the softness of fresh marshmallow, with a fiery peppermint and a liberal sprinkling of dark chocolate chunks. It really is like eating an After Eight mint, only better.

We took a long time coming up with this particular recipe and at points event tried flavouring our mint marshmallows with Creme de Menthe Liqueur but it wasn’t until we tried a Creme de Menthe paste from our wholesaler that we realised we had finally cracked it.

By adding some during the cooking stage and some during the whipping stage we discovered our mint marshmallows had just enough pepperminty taste to feel fresh in your mouth but not enough to blow your head off.

We topped it off by adding a very generous amount of dark chocolate chunks to give some texture, one of our signature traits in our marshmallows – a bit of crunch to go with the softness.

When making our mint marshmallows we generally add a tablespoon of the mint paste to the sugar mixture before it boils and reaches temperature. We then add a further tablespoon at least as the marshmallows are whipping.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The chocolate on the top is 70% Belgian dark chocolate. Again we tried experimenting with milk chocolate at one point but the mint marshmallow is so sweet on its own that the combination of that and milk chocolate was too sweet and too overpowering. The bitterness and richness of the dark chocolate is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the mint marshmallow.

So how do you eat a mint marshmallow?

Well far be it from me to tell you what to do but I think our After 8.30 Mint Marshmallows are absolutely perfect at the end of a good meal or with a good espresso coffee on the side. All our marshmallows toast brilliantly but in this case I wouldn’t toast them. I think they taste far better on their own. You wouldn’t want to eat too many of them in one go but they are the perfect treat at the end of a nice meal. If you happen to going to a friend’s house for the evening why not take a box? If you are the one doing the entertaining you can bring them out after dessert is done with a nice flourish!