Miss Millar’s Teams up with Harrie’s Coffee to Produce Magnificent Mocha Mallow

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Mocha Choca Chunk Marshmallows

Miss Millar’s Marvellous Mallows is very excited to have teamed up with Heather Barrie of Harrie’s Coffee to create a tremendous new marshmallow – The Mocha Choca Chunk Marshmallow.

It is the first in an exciting range of new flavours we are bringing out over the next few months.

We have combined our lovely pillowy marshmallow recipe with Harrie’s Columbian Coffee and Harrie’s awesome Coffee Chocolate. We infuse the marshmallow mixture with espresso stove top coffee, which has been allowed to sit and percolate for maximum strength, then we cover the tops of the marshmallows in lovely chunks of Harrie’s Coffee Chocolate. This chocolate is absolutely gorgeous and I’m not even a coffee lover. High quality dark chocolate is mixed with coffee grounds. Believe me it tastes divine – I should know I ate a whole bar recently, purely in the name of science of course….

The resulting marshmallow has all the taste of our other marshmallows as well as our signature texture and crunch in it. I dare say this marshmallow is brilliant with hot drinks but equally just as lovely on its own – a real sophisticated taste. Imagine having one of these bad boys on the side of your after dinner coffee rather than a nondescript mint or a bland mass produced biscuit. Yes, I know you are imagining it now and it is heavenly, far far nicer than the norm.

The one thing we haven’t done is have a go at toasting these mocha ones so if anyone fancies giving it a go then let us know how they turn out, email us with your comments and pictures and we may just send you some samples as a thank you.

You can of course our Mocha Choca Chunk Marshmallows for yourselves by taking a look in our online store. Don’t forget there are plenty of other flavours to try too. Take a look – the only difficulty will be choosing which one.