Toasted Coconut and Lime Marshmallows

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One of our favourite cake flavours over at our sister company is coconut and lime. It is lovely and refreshing and makes for a lighter cake compared to heavier, richer varieties like chocolate or fruit.

Coconut on its own is nice but a little bit too much for some people. The lime just balances it out with a little bit of zing on the palette.

Naturally we thought putting this lovely flavour combination in a marshmallow would be a good idea too.

However, it wasn’t as simple as it first appeared. Our first few batches of coconut and lime marshmallows were far stodgier and thicker than our normal ones no matter what we did. They also sweated a lot, getting very sticky very quickly and let’s face it, no matter how nice it tastes, no one likes a sweaty marshmallow.

We also just couldn’t get them to rise and fluff up as much and the lime wasn’t as strong as we would like.

We initially tried using fresh lime juice in place of the water but quite frankly got sick of juicing limes all the time – it took a LOT of limes for one single batch and we soon realised that whilst we like to keep everything as handmade as possible we weren’t planning on juicing for half an hour each time. So we switched to bottles of lime juice. Unfortunately this was just meh, the flavour with the pre juiced juice just wasn’t the same and in fact just made it taste a bit shit if we are being honest so we went back to the drawing board – our basic recipe and then figuring out what we could put in.

For our next batch of coconut and lime marshmallows we decided to take a half and half approach – zest of two limes, juice of two limes and the rest water. Mini eureka moment – it worked!! Suddenly we had this lovely limey taste that wasn’t artificial or bland.

Problem number two was sorting out the fluff factor. Up until this point we had been using coconut cream, the same stuff we use in our cakes. The trouble was whilst it makes cakes lovely and super moist it adds in too much moisture with marshmallows, making them dense and not fluffy as well as prone to sweating. It became clear the coconut cream had to go. But what to replace it with?

Dessicated coconut just seemed, well, a bit dry and boring, coconut essences seemed like cheating chemically and anything else was just shit. In the end we decided to try grating blocks of creamed coconut into the mix right at the very end once the lime and coconut marshmallows had already fluffed up. This was our second eureka moment where we finally ended up with a coconut and lime marshmallow that not only fluffed beautifully but had the right balance of coconut and lime.

The toasted coconut on top was by no means an aesthetic afterthought but rather our usual sprinkle of texture, though admittedly toasted coconut looks a bit prettier than plain.

So there you have it, it was quite a long route to what we consider to be the perfect toasted coconut and lime marshmallow but one which we think was worth it.

If you would like to see for yourself why not buy ’em and try ’em