Five reasons wholesale marshmallows are right for your food business

wholesale marshmallows for food businesses

You’ve probably never thought about adding marshmallows to your menu. It’s not something as a café or coffee shop owner you probably give much thought to beyond the generic pink and white mini mallows for hot chocolates. But wholesale marshmallows can really add something different to your offerings.


Forget what you know about marshmallows, you’re going to LOVE these ones. Gourmet marshmallows are big, fluffy and bursting with different flavours and textures. They blow the traditional marshmallow right out of the water. And best of all they’re made fresh.


So why should you use them? What difference will they make to your business?


  1. The perfect addition to afternoon teas


Afternoon teas have become hugely popular in recent years. Tea salons like Metrodeco in Brighton are leading the way with innovative selections and unusual flavours. The marshmallow fits on the afternoon tea perfectly and is a nice, lighter alternative to the richer petit fours such as scones, chocolate mousses and brownies. With fruity flavours such as Coconut and Lime, Raspberry Eton Mess and Lemon Meringue they can really add a new dimension.

 wholesale marshmallows for cafes and hotels

  1. A nice end to a good meal


I don’t know about you but when I finish a meal in a restaurant I like to have something sweet but invariably I’m too full for an entire pudding. So I’m faced with a choice – go for the pudding and go home feeling really bilious and like I’m in need of a serious gym workout or forgo the pudding and suck on the wholly inadequate mint many restaurants provide.


But there is a third option: the marshmallow. Just enough sweetness and gooeyness to satisfy my dessert craving but not enough to leave me wobbling out the door a couple of stone heavier.


  1. Great with hot drinks


You’ve probably been adding mini marshmallows to your hot chocolates for years but imagine how much better that hot chocolate would taste with a chocolate and orange marshmallow or an after 8.30 mint marshmallow on top? Even better, imagine having gourmet marshmallow with a single origin luxury hot chocolate from a café like Black Mocha. I bet you can imagine it now – pretty good right?


coffee with marshmallows as an after dinner treat

  1. The ideal ingredient for all sorts of cakes and puddings


Wholesale marshmallows are naturally yummy on their own but they’re also versatile little beggars too. You can chop ‘em up and add them to Sundays, mixed them in with melted chocolate to make your very own signature rocky road. Sandwich them between a couple of homemade cookies with a chunk of chocolate for different take on S’mores or maybe add them to your own ice cream flavours.


Think up your own edible uses for them and see what you can come up with. We’d love to hear the results.


  1. Great for sharing


When you buy wholesale marshmallows, you don’t just buy one you buy 40 (well at least that’s how many we put in a box). A plate of them as your customers are on their coffees is guaranteed to be passed around and get them chatting. Who knows, maybe they’ll stay on a little longer and buy another round of drinks…


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